Meet Kevin Hohn

A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Kevin Hohn served 22 years in federal law enforcement, followed by three years on the Brooksville City Council and Mayor of Brooksville in 2014. Having dedicated much of his life to public service, Kevin advocates for every citizen’s rights to a safer, more prosperous community.

Vision & Mission

You’ve asked for safer streets, more jobs and growth in our community. Your next county commissioner must have better experience to provide the necessary policy decisions needed to move Hernando County forward.

With an accounting degree from the University of Florida and extensive background in federal law enforcement and civil service, Kevin Hohn has what it takes to deliver results in Hernando County.



Hernando County needs a commissioner who will understand the true goal of public service is about being accountable to our entire community, not just a chosen few. I vow to serve selflessly, and will seek, listen to, and act upon your concerns.

Our next county commissioner must have the educational, work and government experience to understand the complex issues our growing community faces. As a graduate of the University of Florida Fisher School of Accounting, who served for 22 years in Federal Law Enforcement investigating complex financial crimes and public corruption, I have a unique skillset to tackle the tough financial circumstances in which our county has found itself embroiled. My successful term as Mayor of Brooksville also provides me with a stronger understanding of the intricacies of local and county government operations.

Donate to the Campaign

Hernando County deserves a commissioner who will work for our entire community, not just a chosen few. With your help electing Kevin Hohn as Hernando County Commissioner, District 5, we will all do better.

Make all checks payable to:
Kevin Hohn Campaign

Mail to:
PO Box 10447
Brooksville, FL 34603

Or donate online:

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